Sunday, 3 March 2013


Salam to all my wonderful blog readers....

On the 16th February 2013



 Special program sponsored by the Company 
for all the leaders. 


its a LEADERSHIP Seminar 
by Winston Wong the well known successful businessman
in Network Marketing  
practitioner who used to be at the TOP 
in corporate world.

The Seminar started at 9am untill 6pm. 

Before the seminar begins, I was eager want to know all about "The Misunderstood Industry In the World - Networking Marketing ". 
It is golden opportunity to gain 
 knowledge with open heart and open mind.

We should keep on learning and 
improving ourselves to be better 
and to give the very best for our partners.

The emcee of the day was CDM Razali Zain, 
co-founder of GLAM.

The opening speech by our General Manager Mr. Teoh

The speaker- Winston Wong- Master Trainer in Asia. 

I will always remember one thing Mr Winston Wong told us that day :

"Always do this to your loved ones. Make them happy first before you can make others happy. There's nothing to be proud of, if you're driving BMW car whileyour father is still driving an old perodua kancil".
Why not you buy car for your father, that is your BRAND. 
So touching!!!

It is not about who you are at the moment, but more importantly...who you want to be after giving yourself better understanding of this misunderstood industry

it is the journey of Health, Wealth, Fulfillment as well as Happiness

One of my leader - Wahida Ghazali-

We're sharing the same vision, to have a wonderful life and sharing it with everyone else too,
 not all about making money.

The frontliners who will lead the way and make it happen
- All the CDM -

Good Demo 

Blindfolded was newbies in the business

Everything seems to be blur and dark, 
If u walk alone...the journey will be slow, hard
you have face many obstacle by yourself. 

But if you work closely with your leaders
There will guide  and show you all the way to the finish line.
The journey will be much more easier and faster.

Freedom in life and living satisfaction 

are what we're looking for!

It's time for change!! 
GO GO GO !!!!

Let nothing hold you back from exploring 
your wildest fantasies, wishes and aspirations. 
Don't be afraid to follow your dreams 
wherever they lead you,
Open your eyes to their beauty, 
Open your mind to their magic, 
open your heart to their possibilities. 

Only by dreaming will you ever discover who you are, 
what you want, 
and what you can do. 

Don't be afraid to take risks, 
to become involved, 
to make a commitment 
Do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Luv :Alin

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