Sunday, 22 July 2012



While promoting PB corset these past few weeks...i always getting these responds...

1-"mahalnye corset ni"...
2-"xde corset yg murah sikit ke?"....
3-"x mampu lah nak pakai corset mahal".
Pada i.. alang-alang beli...biar terus yang berkualiti...seperti pepatah berbunyi ....alah membeli menang memakai...

 KENAPA di namakan  PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL's a PREMIUM product with lots of benefits...and this corset is different from any other corset because...

a) it focus to give 70% health + 30% beauty..why compromise when it comes to beauty and health? 

if we can spent a few thousand to buy gadgets, handbags, shoes, clothes etc...why don't we spend sikit for this one? gadgets selalunya..every year akan keluar new version.. 

just look at iphone, ipad, blackberry, android)...handbags+shoes+clothes pulak.after a while..mesti ada intention to buy yang baru kan?

 but this corset..(insya Allah)..will stay with you forever!..this product has been in the market for almost 20 years.

So, you wanna know why this corset is a bit pricey kalau nak compare with other corset outhere?
1.  PB corset is not a normal's a LUXURY corset.
2.  It is specially designated with 1001 benefits...not only it helps to hide those flabby parts  
     of your body je.
3.  LIFE-TIME warranty.
4.  FIR (Far Infrard Rays) Treatment :
 + Increase blood circulation 
+ detect breast/cervical cancer
 + cure white discharge problem 
+ reshape your body 
+ fix body posture
 + reduce stretchmarks 
+ prevent from slip disc/back pain for either women or men
 (men can  wear the waist nipper) 
+ cure and prevent period pain/menstrual cramp 
+ and many many more to list down.

Wear this corset 8 hours daily..confirm you'll see the result!

Contact me NOW for further details on this product!
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016 -7982879

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